A Sea of Colors! (Santiago of the Seas)

A deluxe coloring book featuring all your favorite pirate pals from Nickelodeon’s Santiago of the Seas–plus a rainbow colored pencil!

Santiago the pirate captain and his mermaid pal Lorelai have a lot of exciting adventures, and with this coloring book with a rainbow pencil, so can you! Full of hours of coloring and activities, this book will excite and entertain kids ages 3 to 7.
Santiago of the Seas is an interactive action-adventure series for preschoolers starring Santiago Montes, an 8-year-old boy who discovers the mystical compass of fabled pirate Capitán Calavera, making him the next Pirate Protector of the High Seas. Along with his crew, cousin Tomás and Lorelai the mermaid, Santiago goes on heroic quests against nefarious villains and proves that kindness and good deeds can always save the day!
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