Paw Patrol: Meteor Mayhem

Are you ready for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie? Well, get ready for an action-packed board game to take the fun home with you! In the Meteor Mayhem Game- Be the first player to get all 4 of your movers to the meteor in the center of the gameboard to defeat Mayor Humdinger and Vee! A mysterious meteor crashed into the pup`s Adventure City tower, destroying it into literal rubble. After evacuating, they discover that it has powers to transform them into the Mighty Pups! Marshall`s superpower lets him shoot fireballs. But because of his extreme clumsiness, the pups know that it`s a recipe for mayhem! Whichever pup can narrowly avoid being knocked over and is the first to reach the tower will be the Mightiest Pup of them all! For 2-4 players ages 4+, this is perfect to add to your board games for kids 4-6 and PAW Patrol toys for girls & boys. It features all your fave pups including PAW Patrol Skye, Marshall, Liberty, Chase, Rocky, & Rubble! The gameboard measures 20` x 20`. Play in 4 easy steps: Move all 4 pups to the meteor. Stack your pups! Wind up Marshall to unleash him. Don`t let him knock your pups over! If you kids love PAW Patrol Chase & friends- they are sure to love this new game.
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