Bright Stars

This interactive, colorful storybook features tales about the constellations found in the northern hemisphere. Told by famous Russian space pilot Sergey Ryazansky, each story introduces young readers to a number of characters that are part of the northern hemisphere constellations, such as Orion, Sirius, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor,Cassiopeia, Pegasus, and more. The stories provide a brief background to each constellation, and in a kid-friendly presentation, tells the story of each constellation so that readers can easily recall the events and remember the names of the characters. As an additional interactive activity, prompts on each spread invite children to place corresponding stickers on the page to help complete the illustration of the story. The book includes an introduction by the author, a full spread visual of the constellations that are found in the northern hemisphere, and 24 stickers that can be added to complete the scenes in each story.
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