Wink Alliance Keychain and Dog Tag


For the 2020 Holiday Season, Gingerbread House Toys is supporting local non-profit Marcfirst through the sale of limited-edition collectibles! All proceeds will be donated to Marcfirst!

With the announcement of the Wink Alliance, our shop dog Wink wanted to proudly wear a tag on his dog collar, with the logo of his friends at Marcfirst!

So for Wink's furry friends, (and their parents) we have these keychains that double as collar tags available for purchase. Consider purchasing 2 for $5 to place one on your furry friend and one on your keychain. It’s another way to support Marcfirst and the Wink Alliance!

Play more! Grow more! And this holiday season, help us GIVE MORE than EVER before with the new Wink Alliance!