Veterinarian Dog Activity Set


Ignite your child’s imagination and nurture their love for animals with our innovative Veterinarian Dog Activity Set! Designed to educate and entertain, this kit offers an immersive, hands-on experience that blends fun with invaluable learning opportunities.

Our Veterinarian Dog Activity Set is far from ordinary, featuring a range of realistic, child-safe veterinary tools such as a stethoscope. To enhance the authenticity of play, the set also includes a plush, toy dog that’s ready for all the check-ups your little vet can administer!

This playset isn’t just about fun – it’s about fostering important skills and values. As children engage in pretend play, they develop fine motor skills, honing their problem-solving abilities, and cultivating empathy. This could even be the spark that inspires a lifelong passion for veterinary science!

Choosing our Veterinarian Dog Set is more than just making a purchase – it’s an investment in your child’s development and learning. This playset offers not only hours of interactive play but also a valuable stepping stone toward understanding pet care and the responsibilities it entails.

Our Veterinarian Dog Set provides a tangible, educational adventure that both parents and children will appreciate. Empower your child’s learning journey with a toy that truly makes a difference!

Product Features:

  • The adorable playset includes a premium plush dog, stethoscope, guided role-play activities and props, and a veterinary diploma
  • STEM-inspired play provides exposure to a medical career
  • Role-play activities can be conducted independently or with a parent or friend
  • Kids can complete the activities again and again to hone their pet-care skills
  • Encourages empathy, health awareness, imagination, creativity, and problem-solving
  • Designed for children ages six and up


  • Premium plush puppy
  • Real stethoscope
  • Student doctor ID badge
  • Veterinarian workbook
  • Activity sheets
  • Reusable marker
  • Tape measure
  • Tweezers
  • Latex-free gloves
  • A healthy dog treat recipe card
  • Bone-shaped cookie cutter
  • Modeling dough
  • Tick stickers
  • Veterinarian diploma
  • Adoption certificate
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