STEM Mega Bundle: 7-10 Year Old


Inspire your child to learn about the world of science in fun and creative ways with our custom STEM bundles by age!  

1. Green Straw Architects - Build your own civil engineering structures with paper straws and learn about some of the most famous ones. $9.99

2. Aero Science Combo Set - Encourages kids of all ages to let their imaginations fly far. Includes five flying  machine kits $14.99

3. Pattern the Locker- The ultimate secret locker protected by sliding password. No battery required. Set your own password pattern and keep your secrets safe.  It can be any pattern you think of! $9.99

4. 3D Galaxy Projector - No 3D glasses required. Project the Galaxy onto the wall. Twist and rotate to observe the planets in 3D  Learn about the origin of the Solar System. $24.99

5. Play Maze Botany Kit - You can do a plant maze experiment with a shoebox and pieces of cardboard, but this kit provides a sturdy house framework and multiple options for easily customizing the maze. The star of this kit is the sturdy white plastic house frame, 6 wide and 5 tall. A clear plastic base for soil is attached under the house. Another clear container for water snaps on under the soil base. Several plastic and cardboard pieces fit into the slots inside the house frame that allow you to modify the maze.$14.99

6. Atmospheric Turbo Racer -  With the PlaySTEAM Atmospheric Turbo Racer, students will learn about science while having fun. Build and power your own racecar while learning about air pressure. This kit comes with an engine, wheels, gas nozzle, water tank and air pump. Fill the bottle with water and pump air into the gas nozzle to power the racecar. Watch how fast your car can go! $24.99