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STEM Bundle: 7-10 Year Old

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Inspire your child to learn about the world of science in fun and creative ways with our custom STEM bundles by age!  

1. Green Straw Architects - Build your own civil engineering structures with paper straws and learn about some of the most famous ones. $9.99

2. Aero Science Combo Set - Encourages kids of all ages to let their imaginations fly far. Includes five flying  machine kits $14.99

3. Space Weather Station - An All-in-one weather learning kit & water-cycle simulation in the design of the international space station. A Set of plastic parts assembling the weather station, transparent globe, thermometer, compass, stickers, screws and learning booklet. $14.99

4. Triple Safe Cube - The PlaySTEAM Triple Safe Cube keeps your belongings safe with a 10-digit combination lock. With 3 fake box openings, others will be fooled and you will be the only one who knows how to open the box. Learn about the different uses for combination locks and tricky safe openings in the real world. $9.99