STEM Mega Bundle: 5-7 Year Old


Inspire your child to learn about the world of science in fun and creative ways with our custom STEM bundles by age!  

1. Kong the Maths - A playful kit to teach younger kids about addition. Learning math has never been so fun. $9.99

 2. Ocean Friends - Recycle empty plastic bottles to make swimming ocean creatures and learn about them.  Attach your creature's body to the propelling system to bring it to life.  $14.99

3. Line Tracking Sightseeing Bus - Build your own urban tour bus. Customize the bus's sightseeing route.  Learn about the world's most famous landmarks. The wheels on the bus go round and round safely and automatically. $14.99

4. 3D Galaxy Projector - No 3D glasses required. Project the Galaxy onto the wall. Twist and rotate to observe the planets in 3D  Learn about the origin of the Solar System. $24.99

5. Green Straw Architects - Build your own civil engineering structures with paper straws and learn about some of the most famous ones. $9.99

6. Robotic Fish - Learn about fish swimming mechanism and BIONICS with the Robotics Fish. $24.99