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STEM Bundle: 10+ Year Old

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Inspire your child to learn about the world of science in fun and creative ways with our custom STEM bundles by age!  


1. Atmospheric Turbo Racer -  With the PlaySTEAM Atmospheric Turbo Racer, students will learn about science while having fun. Build and power your own racecar while learning about air pressure. This kit comes with an engine, wheels, gas nozzle, water tank and air pump. Fill the bottle with water and pump air into the gas nozzle to power the racecar. Watch how fast your car can go! $24.99

2. Water Powered Rocket Science Kit - The PlaySTEAM Water Powered Rocket Kit is an engaging model kit that uses science and physics to teach children about water pressure properties while having a blast! The Water Powered Rocket is designed launch the bottle rocket across your living room or class room using water pressure. Mount a rocket to the nozzle and quickly depress the pump to let it fly! Customize the rocket with included stickers. $24.99