Orbeez Color Meez Activity Kit

  • Turn squishy, bouncy, wacky Orbeez from clear to colorful! With red, yellow and blue coloring included, customizing Orbeez with the Color Meez Kit is as easy as color, shake and play!
  • With 800 Orbeez Seeds included, experience the excitement of growing your own Orbeez! Pour a packet into a tube, add water and watch them grow! In 4 hours, the seeds will be fully grown!
  • This kit has 400 grown Orbeez already in 1 tube, and 800 seeds to grow in the other tube! Add your favorite colors to the tubes and shake. In 30 minutes, you’ll have colorful Orbeez!
  • Color your Orbeez any way you want! Create red, yellow or blue Orbeez, or mix 2 of the liquid colors together to create purple, orange or green Orbeez! For ages 5 and up.
  • Free Gift Wrap is Available! Let us know at Checkout!