Nature Scene Stacking Blocks


A colorful set of irregular blocks with a scenic and animal theme. These blocks have a nesting and stacking function to unleash your child's imagination and creativity.


  • PROMOTES CREATIVITY: This toy is a great way to teach children about different colors which improves their color recognition.
  • NATURE'S BIGGEST FAN: This set helps children to learn about how different animals live in different habitats, which could promote interest in nature.
  • IMPROVING FINE MOTOR SKILLS: With these blocks children can improve their hand and finger dexterity as they pick up and balance the different-sized blocks.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: These colorful irregular blocks can be nested and stacked to unleash your child's imagination and creativity.
  • FUN & INTERACTIVE PIECES: This block set contains 22 colorful pieces which include scenic trees and mountains and even animal characters like a bear, bunny and crocodile.
by Hape
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