Large Plush | Pandaroll

Anirollz have unusual, squishy bodies shaped like rolls. These uncont-roll-able animalz can't help but roll around everywhere they go. They also like to hide in everyday objects and food such as roll cake, burritos, and even bananas!
Pandaroll: Often found sleeping inside roll-shaped foods. When it wakes up it gets lazy to search for food so it eats where it slept!
Likes: Sleeping / Food
Dislikes: Waking up / Veggies
Size : Plush W 10" x H 8" x L 15"
Their round and squishy bodies are super cuddly
Choose from Pandaroll, Kittiroll or Puppiroll (sold separately)
Super cute, so squishy and soft
As a gift for your children, they will love it