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Fantasy Fort Teepee

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  • Fantasy Fort Teepee creates a special place for kids to play
  • Provides children with hours of imaginative play
  • Decorate cardboard panels with crayons, markers, stickers, stencils, acrylic paints, scarves, or lights
  • Fits any room in the house (center poles are adjustable)

Build a private play space all your own with the Fantasy Fort Teepee! Decorate the sturdy cardboard panels with crayons, stickers, lights, and more to show your style.

Make believe anything with this unique hide-out. Provides kids with hours of imaginative play—and a special place to call their own.

Kit includes everything you need to construct your very own teepee. Perfect for any room in the house. Center poles adjust to accommodate different ceiling heights.

Assembly takes two adults 30 minutes (or one adult and one young helper)