Color Fizzing Tables


Color Fizzing Tablets

True Color Tablets: Color Fizzers From Steve Spangler Science

  • Fizzing tub tint tablets for true color mixing
  • 1 tablet can color up to 1 liter of water
  • Fizzers come in 100 packs with an assortment of the primary colors: blue, red, and yellow
  • Won’t stain hands or surfaces

Our goal is to get kids excited about science by upping the science experiment ante with the signature Steve Spangler Science wow factor. Everyone loves to mix colors and everyone also loves to see the glorious, colorful bubbles that our fizzing tablets produce. With our small true color tablets, you’ll be able to color up to one liter of water with just a single tablet out of your pack of 100. Our fizzy color tablets come in the three primary colors and they are made with pigments, non-toxic citric acid, baking soda and a binder. These water-soluble color tablets react with the water to release lively carbon dioxide gas, which mixes the pigments together and provides kids with long-lasting fun. Best of all, unlike messy food coloring tablets or dye pellets that stain surfaces, clothing and hands, our pack of 100 fizzy tablets won’t ruin your anything in your home.

A Colorful Science Lesson for All Ages

At Steve Spangler Science, we provide all of the tools you need to inspire kids and cultivate a love for science. In this case, you get 100 tablets to transform water before their eyes; what you do with that colored water is up to you. Mix and match tablets for a color-changing science experiment. You can teach kids how to mix up to seven colors by using these three primary colors and create a rainbow in your kitchen or classroom. What’s more, you can check out some of our polymer beads, like our Jelly Marbles or our Jelly Cubes, and add them into your fizzy colored water to create colorful polymer pieces. Our true color tablets are great for hours of after-school fun or for a classroom experiment. Our Color Fizzers impart a lesson about the color wheel to kids of all ages and look good doing it.

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