Fidget Flip Keychain with Magnets

What is a Fidget Flip? Similar to PopPucks, they are a version of the hottest new fidget toy, available just in time for the holidays and ideal for pre-teens, teenagers and adults! 

Ages 8+

Choose your Flip Color! White, Black, Pink, Green, Purple, or Blue

What is it?

  • It is the hottest new fidget toy!
  • Think of it like a magnetic skate park for your thumbs.
  • Flick, stack, and flip the magnets to perform tricks like the Swizzlestack, Bowl Wipe, and Backside Launch.
  • Purchase includes two magnets, a magnetic "bowl", removable leash, and bag clip/keychain. 
  • Learn how to use it by following others on TikTok
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